V Pizza Orlando

V Pizza Orlando is a culinary gem of Lake Buena Vista that transports its guests to the heart of old-world Italy near Walt Disney World. With a passion for authenticity and a commitment to quality, this pizzeria has become a beloved part of the Jacksonville, Florida community since its establishment in 2014. V Pizza's dedication to replicating the traditional Italian pizza experience is evident in every aspect of their operation.


What truly sets V Pizza apart is its commitment to authenticity. They take pride in using the finest Italian ingredients, such as imported dry-aged Italian meats, San Marzano tomatoes, and premium 00 flour. These elements come together to create the most genuine pizza Napoletana possible here in Orlando.

authentic Neapolitan pizza

The heart and soul of V Pizza's culinary process lie in their traditional Neapolitan pizza ovens. These ovens, amore and felice, reaching a scorching 900°F, crisply and tenderly cook each pizza within just 90 seconds. The high temperature not only imparts a delectable texture but also sears the ingredients, infusing the pizza with an irresistible fragrance. These one-of-a-kind ovens are a testament to V Pizza's unwavering commitment to delivering an authentic Italian pizza experience in Orlando and beyond.

Today, this pizzeria has gained a reputation for delivering the quintessential Italian pizza experience. If you're seeking a taste of Italy in your neighborhood, V Pizza Orlando is where you'll find it, ready to delight your senses with the magic of their wood-fired ovens. I got the opportunity to build my own pizza as well as a genuine connection to the staff. I truly enjoyed my experience as an influencer and creator at V Pizzeria.

V Pizza is also dedicated to giving back to the community through V for Victory, which offers free resources and services to individuals and families in cancer treatment. They provide nearly 1,000 free meals each month and collaborate with small businesses to deliver around 350 direct services. Donations go directly to supporting these essential services for both adults and children affected by cancer, recognizing that the entire family is impacted by this disease.

Culuinary Excellence
V Pizza

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